miraDry Study Evaluated Underarm Sweat in 6 Patients

MAR 22, 2016


Results from recent miraDry study revealed

miraMar Labs, parent company of miraDry, recently completed a study evaluating underarm sweat with and without a miraDry treatment.


The miraDry study took 6 volunteers, each having the treatment for a wide variety of reasons, and treated their left underarm with 1 miraDry treatment. The right underarms were left untreated.


They then brought the patients back 4 weeks later and performed a starch iodine test on each underarm. Each patient then rode a treadmill for 20-30 minutes to work up a sweat. Photos were then taken to demonstrate the difference in underarm sweat between the miraDry treated and untreated underarms. You can view the difference in underarm sweat in the photos below. All patients were happy with their results, and a second treatment is always an option if you would like further sweat and odor reduction.


miraDry patients experience:

  • Significant reduction of underarm sweat (82%)
  • Associated reduction of underarm odor
  • Reduction of underarm hair (60-70%)
  • Toxin-free underarms
  • Reduction of underarm stains in clothing


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Results may vary depending on individual.

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*Results may vary depending on individual